How many times have you been ready to paint something and you wonder “Is the paint that is already on here oil base or water base paint? How can you tell the difference? Well, there is a new product that allows you to check before you spend money on paint, and perhaps even wreck the project you’re working on.

Tru-swipe is an easy, inexpensive, and accurate way to find out whether you have oil base or water base paint on your existing surface.

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What’s the big deal if I use water base paint on oil base paint?

Actually it’s a huge deal!  Water based paint simply does not adhere to new or aged oil based paint. This results in adhesion failure. You will then be left with surfaces that have excessive peeling paint and then costly remedies.


Back in 1979 it was ok to use lead based paint products. But when they were banned everyone began using oil base paint. Now, the EPA requires regulation of VOC’s or volatile organic compounds.  In addition, water based paint technology grew and created an excellent product for painting, but just not on top of an oil base paint.

With our new ‘Tru-Swipe’ method you simply use the cloth to swipe over the painted area. If it dulls the paint you know it’s a water based paint. But, if it only cleans the surface you have an oil based surface. EASY!

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Painting Takes Time and Preparation

A good painter will tell you that the biggest part of insuring a great paint job is taking the time to prep the job. That means, first of all, finding out what kind of paint you have on your project. Is it an oil based paint? Is it a water based paint? It’s impossible to tell unless you have the proper tools to discover what it is. Now, there is a WAY!

If you just wing it and paint over an oil based paint with water based paint you will ruin the project. The paint will peel right off. And it doesn’t take long to start happening! Within a week you’ll see that the paint just peels right off. Therefore, all your hard work goes down the drain along with any money you spent on the project. If you don’t have time to do the project right the first time you’ll have to find time to do it again. So just get it right from the start! (;-)

Don’t wing it! Call today and get Tru-Swipe. Find our if you have oil base or water base paint FIRST!

10 second can save you thousands!

  • Just Tru-Swipe the painted surface back and forth 3-4 times and examine the pad to see if paint was removed.
  • If paint is removed where Tru-Swiped, you know you have a water based coating that does not need to be primed before painting. Saving you time and money, while knowing you have the right paint for your project.
  • Oil based painted surfaces will not break down or degloss when using our specially formulated Tru-Swipe. A clean reading shows the the painted surface is oil based and will requiring sanding and a oil based top coat, or sanding, priming and a water based top coat. When water based paints are painted over oil based paint you end up with unsightly catastrophic failure as shown.

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