Venetian Plaster is a cool finish for your home. We use Texston. ( Texston is actually ground up Italian marble and lays out like granite after we burnish it. This type of wall finish has been around for ages.  It looks rich and inviting in almost any room of the house.

Venetian plaster is not easy to apply but we are experienced with the process. We will work with you to determine what colors and specialty finishing would look best in your home.

What do you look for when considering this type of finish?

  • Only high quality ingredients, the kind we use, along with the best technology to apply the plaster.
  • A paint pro that has experience and continues to hone his craft by constantly practicing and experimenting with new ways of applying the plaster and mixing the colors for depth and texture.
  • Count on Local San Diego Painting to deliver the Venetian Plaster walls that look incredible!
  • You want a wall treatment that looks expensive but is probably within your budget.
  • A durable (it lasts a lifetime) beautiful, and consistent finish.

What are some of the fallacies about  Venetian Plaster?

  • Some people think that Venetian plaster is just a faux finish for walls but in fact it’s actually a veneer finish. We use a top notch product that produces a rich, elegant finish for walls.
  • You can do this yourself. We don’t recommend it because it takes some time to really learn how to apply well. There are some fake plaster finishes you can buy but they are not the same as a real Venetian plaster finish, the way we do it.
  • I can’t use this in a bathroom. NOT TRUE! In fact, Venetian plaster is one of the few wall finishes that do fine with getting wet.  They don’t call it Venetian for nothing. (lots of water in Venice)
  • Venetian plaster is expensive. Well, it does cost more than painting but you NEVER need to paint again. So perhaps it will save you money to add this beautiful veneer finish to your walls.

So, let Chad Flood and his pros at Local San Diego Painting consult with you about whether this type of wall treatment might be the finish you have been dreaming about! Chad is a trained color consultant and master of design layout.

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