When it comes to preparing for your new little bundle of joy to arrive, make sure you trust the professionals at Local SD Painting to do the painting portion for you! Our painting contractors are ready to help you find the perfect color choice and give you the nursery you’ve always dreamed your little one would have. Here are some of the ways you can prepare by painting the nursery other than just the paint color choice.

Choose a Theme Before Painting a Nursery

Not only will a nursery theme help you select the wall colors, but it will also help you plan your decorations for the room, as well as give those who attend your baby shower some suggestions on what they can get you to match the theme! For example, if you want a Mickey Mouse themed nursery, you could choose to put a decal of the castle on the wall and find red accents to go in the room. If you are interested in a global theme, you can find an airplane mobile and hang maps on a cool, baby blue wall. Plus, the more you enjoy the theme, the more you will enjoy being in the nursery with your little one.

Art Makes a Difference

If you want a softly colored wall so as to not draw too much attention, we think that’s a great idea. However, if you still want color, find some colorful posters and frame them! The artwork doesn’t necessarily need to be themed for babies – in fact, anything colorful or interesting will do! That might mean a geometric poster you find online or even a favorite movie poster. Your baby won’t really notice, so feel free to get creative with it!

Gray is Good When Painting a Nursery

We don’t mean that you need to paint the walls gray, (although, that is certainly an option) but we do know that finding gray furniture can be helpful when it comes to stains and aging. Sure, that white armchair looks great in your nursery, but how will it look in a year or so after it has been stained and caught its fair share of messes? Choosing gray or other neutral colors can keep the room looking light while still allowing for stain prevention.

Gender Doesn’t Limit Color Options

Whatever color you want in your baby’s nursery is up to you! There is no reason to strictly adhere to any rules in regards to gender or any other nursery tradition. A baby boy doesn’t mean you need to choose blue – choose lavender, green, orange, whatever you would like! Your baby won’t know the difference, and it’s most important that you enjoy the atmosphere as you go in and out of the nursery. Have some fun while you’re painting a nursery!

We can help you pick the right color for your nursery. So go ahead and give Local SD Painting a call today.