Why the fresh look for the holidays?

Painting the interior of your house before your guests arrive for the holidays is an excellent way to get into the holiday spirit and to get the maintenance of your house in check.

How does house painting affect the maintenance? For one, freshly painted walls look great! In addition, and you need to move the furniture around which freshens the look. Then you’ll want to remove switch plates to get the walls of your home painted. This gives you an opportunity to check in on other things like holes in the walls, or faulty electrical outlets/switches etc.

Painting also gives you the opportunity to change the look of your house so that it matches your Christmas decorations. Likewise, this will allow you to ‘fix’ any paint mistakes you made earlier that you want to get rid of. The New Year is coming, and you might as well give your house a new look before the year ends. What better time to do it before the arrival of your holiday guests?

Painting your house for the holidays

House painting for the holidays doesn’t mean that you paint the walls, or the roof of your house with holiday colors or put wall papers or paint images of Santa and the Reindeers. That just won’t do – besides, who does that?

You need to decide, according to your budget, the size of your painting project. Are you just going to have the paint in a specific room brushed up a little? Or, do you want to re paint your entire house and give it a new look before your guests arrive?

Budget and Time for Holiday House Painting

Apart from the cost, you also need to think of which colors you are going to use to paint your house. When choosing colors for the holidays, most people opt for warmer colors to make them feel warm and happy in winter. However, winter isn’t going to last forever. So. unless you want to keep cheery warm colors in summer we, at Local SD Painting, suggest you opt for neutral shades in the holiday season. That way you don’t have to get the interior of your house painted again next season.

Color Combinations

You also need to know that any color or combination of colors you choose should be able to :

  • Help create the ideal environment for the holidays
  • Bring in more light to the room. This is difficult to determine if you’re painting in winter because there isn’t too much sunshine, but you need to choose colors that reflect light so that your rooms look more spacious and brighter.
  • Be appropriate for the rest of the year, too.

Quality Paints

You also need to invest in good quality premium paints since they have better finishing than other paints which makes your walls look better. Also, if you are doing the job yourself, it is important to use primer so brush/ roller marks can be avoided as they make your wall look ugly.

One of the biggest reasons why it is ideal to paint your house before the holidays is because your get to combine the joy that clean, freshly painted, house walls bring with the happiness of gathering with your friends and family for the holidays.

We at Local SD Painting can help you get that project done. Be sure to give us a call!! 

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