4 Creative Ideas For Your Feature Wall

Ever thought about having a feature wall in your lounge, living room, bathroom or study? It can do a lot to improve the livability and modern look of your interior. Furthermore, if done correctly, can add depth and flair to a room. We often find that it’s better not to go over the top. Nevertheless, don’t be too subtle when it comes to feature walls. There are a lot of options available. For instance, anything from a different shade or texture of paint can be used. This includes highly decorative and artistic paint work or a totally different surface.

1. Paint Your Walls

The obvious, simplest way to create a lovely feature wall is to paint it. Color selection is probably the trickiest part. We recommend speaking to a color consultant or at the very least looking online for some ideas. A tip from us? Bright colors contrasting with darker colors usually works. Choosing the type of paint and applying it is fairly straightforward, even for amateurs.

2. Use Creative Wallpapers for Your Feature Wall

Wallpaper was huge back in the 1950’s and it seems to be making a comeback in the 2010’s. Yes, it can be a challenge to roll it on and remove it when the time comes. However, making it the focal point in a room – rather than using it on all walls – can really be effective. The best part is there are so many options when it comes to wallpaper in term of design and color. A word from the wise: use wallpaper behind a bed in the master bedroom.

3. Clever Use of Brick & Rocks

Brick and rock feature walls require more work and specialized skill than many do-it-yourselfers have. Therefore, we would highly recommend bringing in a qualified decorator in this case. Back in the 80’s and 90’s it was very popular to leave exposed brick in old homes. Above all, it was actually less expensive than to repair damaged plaster, etc. This kind of feature wall can be used in a modern or rustic way, creating an industrial feel.

4. Timber Paneling/Shelving

Timber walls make for a very warm, cozy vibe, especially when contrasted with concrete or tiled walls. Again, there’s plenty of choices here with wide and narrow boards. In addition, various types of timber paneling and the option to paint are out there. Building wall shelves is another way to go and combines practicality and homely charm as you personalize your feature wall.

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