What is so great about Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy floors have a list of benefits and unique modern looks:

  • Rough concrete can be smoothed over
  • Old dirty or stained concrete can be cleaned up and brought back to life
  • Garage floors will be protected or transformed into man caves.
  • Epoxy can protect new concrete, seal in stained concrete, cover up old unsightly floors and provide a beautiful canvas for retail, commercial or residential settings

How long do Epoxy Floors last?

A floor properly tested, diamond ground, cleaned, and prepared will last for years. Variables like dust, water intrusion, excessive wear, and tear or poor application methods eat away at the life of your floors.

Properly laid floors can last for up to 20 years when taken care of. Sometimes longer! Polyuria, densifiers, hardeners, and polished floors are also wonderful options depending on your needs. We can provide all finishes for your dream project.

Can I choose the color for my Epoxy Floor?

When using big box brands like Rustoleum, you’re only provided with 5-7 stock colors. We’ve sought out industrial brands for professional applications with the capability of color matching almost any color. We also provide many stock colors as well for ideas but the ‘sky is the limit!’

Metallic concrete stains, acid stains, solid stains, semi-transparent stains, and faux finish floors are also an option.

Are Epoxy Floors expensive?

The cost of epoxy flooring depending on:

  • what materials you are using
  • if the floor needs grinding
  • if it needs a moisture barrier.

While epoxy will never be as cheap as a quick floor repaint, Epoxy will last 100 times longer. Epoxy can be used for commercial setting when heavy equipment like forklifts are used or in areas when the time needed and spaced cleared to refinish a floor is not possible once occupied.

Do it right, do it once!

Are Epoxy Floors safe?

Absolutely, just make sure proper safety equipment is worn during install and that the workspace has proper ventilation.

If the floor epoxy is going to be installed in a wet area, use anti-slip aggregate, additive, or silica sand to stop any slip hazards.

Do Epoxy Floors repel water and oil?

Yes, they do. Only chemicals like certain acids or corrosive solvents will harm the surface. Gas, oils, water, and cleaning solvents will not harm the surface at all. This is what makes Epoxy such an ideal coating for many commercial applications.

Do I need to remove everything in my garage before installing an Epoxy Floor? 

You’ll want to move any items that are not permanently fixed or may be moved in the near future. Cutting in a small section will leave evidence of a multiple-stage project. Items like water heaters or set cabinets will be masked off and cut around.

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