A Quick Word on Paint Prep

When it’s time to have your home painted, it can be easy to want to rush and get the job done quickly. A freshly painted house looks great and it can be tempting to get started painting without the right preparation. Even some professionals will skip the preparation steps to try and save time, but often with undesired consequences. Unfortunately, as the homeowner you are the one that has to deal with the result of a rushed paint job that was done without adequate prep.

Why is Paint Prep Important?

Any painting project requires certain preparation steps before applying the paint. This is especially true for exterior painting projects, for several reasons:

  • The exterior of your home is subjected to all sorts of environmental abuse, from rain, hail, ice or snow. In addition, varying levels of humidity throughout the year cause paint problems. Only a properly prepped paint job will resist these environmental factors.
  • Dirt, dust and debris can accumulate on your exterior walls. If these are uncleaned it can keep your paint from adhering properly. In a very short time, your paint may start to peel or flake.
  • When you start painting begin by inspecting your exterior walls and properly prepping them. You then reduce the risk of covering up telltale signs of damage, moisture and other problems that might creep back over time.

Find a Local Painter who takes the time needed on Paint Prep

Our Local SD Painting experts are trained to follow all of the critical exterior painting preparation steps. We never rush to slap a coat of paint on a house. We always take the time to prep your walls properly. These steps include:

  • Inspecting every surface we will be painting and noting any repairs or replacements needed before we begin applying paint.
  • Thoroughly washing all surfaces to be painted to ensure that all dust, dirt and moisture is gone, as these can keep paint from adhering properly.
  • Performing the necessary sanding, scraping, patching, repairs, sealing and priming, to guarantee the best base for when we start painting.

Paint Prep = A Quality Paint Job for Your Home!

We take pride in our work and will treat your home like it is our own. When we put in a little bit of extra effort in prepping the exterior of your home for painting, the result is a higher quality paint job that will look amazing for many years. Many of our customers are referrals from other satisfied customers and we want to keep our great reputation intact. A freshly painted house with the Local SD Painting name on the lawn is the best advertisement we have for the quality of our work, today and down the road

Call us today – for perfect paint prep and consequently a beautiful, professional job!

We at Local SD Painting would be happy to give you a free estimate for your exterior repainting project and give you details on the paint prep that will be performed prior to painting. We’ll answer any questions you might have and make sure you understand the importance of proper exterior paint prep.

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