Building Maintenance And Maintaining Your Commercial Facility

When considering long-term management and building maintenance of a commercial facility, use of the proper paint and waterproof coatings is crucial. Achieving the goals of long-term appearance and protection from the harsh elements should be the primary focus of any commercial building or facility.

Building Maintenance – What Should We Focus On?

Research and evaluation should focus on overall value! Reducing costs on the initial application may not be as efficient as up-grading to high performance products and coatings from the commencement of your rehab or maintenance project. Therefore, keep in mind, through years of cost analysis, most project costs breakdown to; 80% labor and 20% materials. This eludes to the fact that; longevity is just as important factor as the need to achieve value.

?All too frequently, choices of coatings are decided by the preliminary cost to the scope, not considering the long-term outcome and durability. The adage; “you get what you pay for” holds true here. When attacking a large commercial project regarding building maintenance, you’ll always want to go with the top-grade products within the budget allowances.

Building Maintenance and Modern Technology

With modern technology paint coatings have advanced eons past what they used to be capable of. Consequently, it may surprise you that even many acrylic formulas are meeting the commercial and industrial quality thresholds and beyond. They remain flexible, allow your surface to breath, and retain color far better than traditional coatings of the past. Lastly, the impact on the environment is much less harsh than traditional solvent based products!

More on Building Maintenance

When maintaining your commercial facility, researching coatings and products that offer value is paramount. Forethought on longevity and minimizing maintenance issues will go a long way with the efficient upkeep any commercial building. Allowing for minimal maintenance issues down the road and cost savings.

Additionally, this holds true with the simple things such as cleaning. Did you know that your commercial building’s exterior surfaces should be power washed at least every 12-18 months in order to get the optimal performance out of your coatings? This cleaning will deter mold, mildew and algae growth, all of which can all eat away at your exterior finishes over time. Consequently, most paint manufactures will mandate this as to honor any finish paint warranties.

Don’t rely on building maintenance staff with only primary knowledge of products and methods. Accordingly, find a seasoned, niche, professional to scope your commercial project. Many offer a free evaluation of your office space or commercial building’s exterior surfaces.

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