We can help! When it comes to creating beautiful wood finishes in your home or around your yard consider using a Wood Stain Specialist San Diego. Because wood staining is tricky we suggest you use a professional. Call us today for a free consultation. (619) 586-5683

Here are a few ideas for things that can be stained and end up looking fantastic if done properly. Make us your Wood Stain Specialist San Diego:

If you’re interested in giving your garage door a new, fresh look there are many things you can do. You can paint it, but even that requires planning, patience, and preparation.

You might go with a  faux wood grain finish. That can give a great rustic look to your garage door but requires skill to get it looking just right. This article has some good information on producing a beautiful faux wood grain finish

Furniture Staining

When it comes to staining furniture you usually start at one of two places: oil-based or water-based.

  • Water-Based – Water-based stains are typically used when you want a fast-drying stain. Water-based stains also come in a wider variety of colors than oil-based stains. And not only are water-based stains much easier to clean up than oil-based stains they don’t have as much a lingering odor.
  • Oil Based – Oil-based stains are typically a little harder to work with than water-based stains but they also can be a little more gracious. Since oil-based stains take much longer to dry they don’t leave overlapping marks and you can do several surfaces at once. Also, since oil-based stains are heavier than water-based ones, they don’t get under the grain and require you to run over the area with a sander again.

Cabinets are probably the most difficult and time-consuming of any painting project a homeowner faces. We suggest you hire a wood stain specialist in San Diego when considering this job. Make sure your expectations are realistic because painting or staining your cabinets can be a disaster if not done properly. It can end up costing you more time and money in the long run. So here are some suggestions from your local Wood Stain Specialist San Diego:

  • Allow plenty of time to get the job done.
  • Remove all the doors and drawers.
  • Clean the wood, sand the wood, re-clean the wood, then created a dust-free surface before you paint.
  • Label where your doors, drawers, and hardware go.
  • Prime. Do not skip this!
  • Take time choosing your color.
  • Use high-quality paint – it’s worth it every time.
  • Take time to put cabinets back properly with accurate alignment.

Clearly, one of the things that can give your kitchen or other room with cabinets a new look is repainting or refinishing the cabinetry. But remember, this may seem like an easy task but it definitely is not! Call your local Wood Stain Specialist in San Diego. (619) 586-5683

Another option with cabinetry that is less expensive is to buy unfinished Shaker cabinet doors. These give you a blank canvas to work with. Then you can paint or stain them any way you want without having to strip the paint first. Check this article for more information. 

From the beating rain to knocking neighbors, to roughhousing kids, your front door takes a pounding. Whether you’re stripping down an old six-panel pine door or prepping a new set of cherry wood double doors, a great stain will do wonders to keep that immaculate finish.

If you’re removing varnish or stain from an old door you’ll want to consider if you’re going to use a chemical stripper or a hand sander. Depending on what stain you decide to use, will determine what direction to go. A darker stain will allow you to use a sander but a lighter color will demand you use chemicals. There are some more natural, environmentally safe strippers that work just as well.

If you’ve purchased an unfinished door make sure you are certain of the material. With certain pieces of wood furniture, you can take a piece to your hardware store to have them help you match it with the right stain. But with a large door that really isn’t an option unless you match it before bringing the door home. Or maybe you need a workout and just lug it down there anyways. So, either confirm with the manufacture which stains are best or bring documentation with you to the store.

When it comes to the color of your vaulted ceilings there are a few ideas of thought:

  1. Do you want to match the color of the ceiling? In some situations, yes. If the ceiling is white and the room itself has an airy, light feel to it, painting the beams white would be appropriate and could help create a blank canvas of a room that you can paint with an array of decorative art, furniture, and accessories.
  2. Do you want the beams to be a contrast to the ceiling? Maybe you want the beams to act as an interruption. Then staining them a rich walnut to break up a ceiling full of goldenrod is a terrific way to go. 

Deck and Fence Staining

Decks and Fences are the hardest hit by the weather. Therefore, protecting them with a high-quality stain and protective coating is important. That coating will extend the life and beauty for years to come. If you go with a color stain you’ll need to reapply that stain every four years to maintain the look. A semi-transparent stain only needs to be reapplied every five to six years.

You may use a roller rather than a sprayer to apply the stain. Depending on how rough the surface is use a thicker nap on the roller – use a 4-inch roller for the tighter spaces. Consider using a small ladder so you can see the top edge of the fence and not miss anything.
You can use a sprayer that eliminates the previous 2 step process. Remember these steps:

  • Always go with the grain of the wood – vertical fence, spray vertically.
  • Rent a sprayer if you don’t have one.
  • Keep the sprayer the same distance from the fence as you spray.

Don’t have time to accomplish this tedious task by yourself? Or maybe you’re afraid you don’t have the skills to get it done right? Call the pros at Local San Diego Painting… your Wood Stain Specialist San Diego!  Get the job done right the first time!  (619) 586-5683

How do the pros at Local San Diego Painting… “your Wood Stain Specialist San Diego” prepare your home for this type of work?

Here are some of the steps we might follow before taking on your staining job:

  • Cover floors, counters, windows
  • Protect all client belongings
  • Check walls for flat spots or areas that need texture then texture where needed
  • Spot prime areas as needed
  • Prime and paint any previously painted doors, casings, baseboards or trim in the home
  • Sand cabinet boxes, doors, drawers, shelves or any matching wood with 220 sandpaper
  • Strip the existing clear coat and stain, clean and condition wood to ready for new stain
  • Wash wood with Acetone to dry wood out and allow stain or clear to apply evenly
  • Clean all wood with thinner.
  • Acetone wash the wood to prep for stain
  • Gel stain wood to the desired color
  • Blend areas with sprayer where needed
  • Apply 2 clear coats and sand between coats
  • Unmask, touch up any areas needed then clean all work areas
  • Provide samples of different looks available, once decided, stain all doors and casings

So you can do the work yourself or let the pros at Local San Diego Painting… “your Wood Stain Specialist San Diego” get the job done right the first time. Call us today (619) 586-5683