While most people can take on an interior painting project, exterior house painting projects can be much more dangerous and difficult. When it’s time to consider exterior house painting in San Diego consider the following items:

  • A rougher surface, higher elevation, dangerous ladders and equipment may pose risks
  • A challenging preparation like difficult wood and stucco repairs make hiring a skilled painting contractor a wise choice.
  • When painting inside it’s mostly for cosmetic purposes.
  • Exterior house painting is the best way to protect your home from costly repairs caused by surface failure, wood rot, and moisture intrusion from a lack of a protective coating.
  • Hiring a professional Exterior House Painting in San Diego can actually save you money.
  • You want the best results, ease, and to protect your home.

First of all, painting your home yourself may seem like it will save you money. However, depending on your handyman skill level and how much time you have on your hands, it might end up costing you more! Lack of proper prep, good tools, and failure to apply the finish coats properly cut down on the life of your protective paint coating. Consider proper preparation for the job is everything! 

  • If the preparation for your exterior house painting job is done poorly you will have a bigger problem than just your home looking shabby.
  • Many times there is more damage and repairs than you originally thought. If you ignore these you’ll pay later. Or you can have a professional take care of things correctly the first time.
  • Doing the job without knowing what you are doing can be a problem:
    • Ask yourself “How involved is this really going to be?
    • What type of paint should I use?
    • How do I properly prepare this house for the paint. Not understanding this will cost you money in the long run.
    • This is not intended to scare anyone but what good is it to paint your house poorly? You’ll just find yourself doing it again or hiring someone later or having issues because of it.
  • If you do plan on doing the project, take your time and make sure you work safe. 

Professional Exterior House Painting San Diego

We at Local San Diego Painting look out for all the things we know will guarantee a fantastic paint job. We take the time to do the job EXPERTLY!

All of our exterior house painting jobs in San Diego include:

  • Make sure all peeling or failing paint is scraped off.
  • Sand areas that are rough.
  • Patch holes or damaged wood with the proper patching material or Bondo.
  • Wood is inspected for termite damage, soft wood or wood rot is repaired or replaced
  • Cracks or joints are filled where appropriate.
  • Repair weather beaten areas on the home are taken care of by fully priming the surface.

Let’s talk paint!

Again, exterior paint protects your home. The difference between cheap production paint and quality, top-of-the-line paint may be 10%. However, the difference in how long your paint coating will stay in tact, how good the color retention is, and its ability to stop moisture intrusion 

improves greatly 

when using top-of-the-line paint. It can even extend the life of your paint job by 5-10 years!

Now saving $300 on a full repaint doesn’t seem like such a great idea…..right?

If your ready to get dirty, work hard, and take some chances, just be sure you work safe and don’t skimp on your prep of materials. As an interior and exterior home painting contractor working in San Diego I’d be happy to give advise to someone looking to take on the task, so I can imagine people in your area would do the same. 

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