Drywall texture comes in a variety of patterns, weights, and application techniques. It is important to the aesthetics of a home because it adds dimension, warmth, and a pleasing appearance. The experts at Local San Diego Painting can help you decide which one is right for your home.

Here are four popular styles of drywall texture:  orange peel, knockdown, skip troweled, and smooth. The first three have varying degrees of contours, and the last is flat. 

Orange Peel Drywall Texture

With orange peel, the mud is applied with a sprayer, and the pattern depends on the amount of mud that is used and the pressure of the air compressor.

Knock Down Drywall Texture

The application process for knockdown involves spraying the wall using a splatter technique then using a wide knife to knock down and flatten the peaks. We at Local SD Painting offer light, medium, and heavy options for knockdown. It is a very popular wall texture in new home construction.

Skip Trowel Drywall Texture

Skip troweled texture (light, medium, or heavy) is achieved by applying the mud with a hand trowel. It is very labor-intensive resulting in additional costs.

Smooth Wall Drywall Texture

With smooth texture there is very little room for error because it is unforgiving for even minor imperfections, nicks, and dents. It is also more difficult to paint. (also hard to get a good photo).

Types of texture are often based on geographic location. Skip troweled is very popular in the southwest part of the country, while knockdown is trending in the west and mid-west. Smooth drywall texture is more common in the east, and orange peel can be found in most regions and is often used in commercial buildings.

Among our customers, we have found there is about a fifty/fifty split between knockdown and skip trowel.

Drywall texture provides stylish appeal to your walls and ceilings, and you have many options. We can show you samples of orange peel, knockdown, and skip trowel drywall texture. Local SD Painting will come to your house or business during our free estimate and help you decide which one you might like best and fits the project.